Clubs are weekly, open to drop-ins, co-facilitated, always evolving, $5.

Clubs are passion boats, they are resounding invites to make room in your life for the hailngs of your creative heart.  Clubs aren’t hang outs, they’re going to ask you to focus well, develop and deepen your creative discipline, and to become stalwart stewards of the Creative Spark that flickers within each of our human hearts, until the flickers blaze into steady fires that can warm a sometimes chilly world.

Writing – Writing is an ancient way to focus thoughts, release emotions, write Great American Novel, deepen our human experience, and share it in lasting and widely accessible ways. It’s one of the easiest to share arts.  In this 3 hour space we time lock and focus on our individual projects together, taking breaks for movement and encouragement or feedback. Tuesdays 9 am – noon

Improv –  Hey, whose line is it anyway?  We don’t know but we aim to find out!  The fundamental rule of “Yes, and…” teaches us the foundation of safe and inclusive creative collaboration that can spread like wildfires in our lives.  It’s also fun as shmoobles to just improv your buns off with other deep-listening silly willies. Saturdays 4 – 6 pm

Painting –  Think wine, twinkly lights, other laughing artists playing hard in color, in light and form together. This night time club transports to by gone and jazzier eras. Thursdays 8:30 -10 pm

Fabric Arts – In Greek Mythology, the Three Fates are always weaving our destiny, and sometimes snipping an end to a thread.  So we must create and weave while the day is young!  Woven arts infuses our daily lives with magic carpets, heart, and heart-warming things, gifts-of-the-soul and memories that become boats for future generations. Sundays 4 – 6 pm

Singing – Songs born of mountains and streams find new voices, new interpretations and infuse our daily lives with their wisdom, wit and depth of vision.  Bring an intstrument or just your voice and make your way home to the music. Tuesdays 4 – 6 pm

Housekeeping – A weekly goose tending, we organize, clean and food prep and give love to the Honey La Space. You can trade a month of clubs for participating in one housekeeping session. Wednesdays 9 am – noon

Deep Crafting Night – A night to erase time and too many parameters, and let yourself sail your creative boat right towards the stars brightest for you. There are prompts to help get everyone going, collaborative projects to pop into, and a willingness to go all night. Fridays, 5 pm – Open

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