Creative Comrades

While HoneyLa’s mission is to provide the physical space for creative camaraderie, we also offer Creative Comrades — artists who are gifted in helping others to recognize themselves as artists. If you’d like someone to hold your hand, cheer you on, help you brave the waters of diving into your creative portal, then we can help!

Currently, our Creative Comrades are:

Hannah Lee Hoffman, HoneyLa’s Librarian of Dust 20155849_10212412592648304_5450627685579701306_n

Hannah experiments with many artistic formats. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Art Practice from University of California – Berkeley. While she has received formal training in drawing, painting, mixed-media, and social practice, she most highly regards the playful, therapeutic, and inspiring nature of art-making.

Testimonials of Hannah’s creative camaraderie:

  • People easily fall under Hannah’s creative spell.  She is great at encouraging creative flow without dictating excessive rules.  So often in art, as children get older, they feel that they aren’t “good” artists.  She is a fantastic mentor because her vision of art always involves play.  -Naila Siddique

  • I love how Hannah believes in play, and light, and believes in the goodness of people and their creative potential. It’s so amazing to watch! I wish she was my mom! -Kelsey Westphal

  • Hannah has helped me to re-frame and soften the hard edges of my own fears and short-comings. And she celebrates everyone unconditionally like the stardust beings she knows us to be. -Lesley Jones

Since our Creative Comrades program is just beginning, we are offering a special price: a 90-minute session is just $30, which includes access to a variety of art materials. Sessions are held at HoneyLa Clubhows, unless circumstances require otherwise.

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