HoneyLa Productions

HoneyLa just loves to perform. Even before we had a space, the group that has become the stewards of HoneyLa was putting on productions and making music videos. Here’s a sweet sampling of what we’ve done:

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Lights On, at Galaxy Arts in Burnsville, NC, July 2017

This play, envisioned by our Founder and Ambassador Tayloranne Finch, combined puppetry, opera, a clown, the moon, and the audience, much to everyone’s delight. You may see the full performance online here.


Burning Brightly, May 2017

This music video began as a song with a loop pedal by Hannah Lee Hoffman, our Librarian of Dust. She then collaborated with Tayloranne Finch, our Ambassador, to flesh out the video concept. Jared McQueen, of Snaggy Mountain, provided the solar-powered recording studio and played bass, and a whole slew of friends joined us for filming. Donnie Rex Bishop was the videographer and editor of the film. A real collaborative magic-piece. See the video here.


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Full Spectrum, August 2016

This site-specific performance was a collaboration between visionary Tayloranne Finch with local Klezmer band Carpathian Spruce, and the pre-HoneyLa crew, who at the time called ourselves By The River Co-Creators. The performance began by audience members following a candlelit path through the woods to the performance site. The audience was encouraged to participate as the theatre production unfolded, which involved the birth of light, the growth of the forest, copulation between a forest creature and a faerie, and the resulting  creation of the Liberation Bi-Goat. It was followed by an incredible evening of dancing. Audience members age spanned from toddlers to seniors. After the performance’s completion, the audience was invited to create their own atmosphere with the props and costumes available.


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