Resident Artist Program & Application

At HoneyLa, we have a very open definition of what Art and being an Artist can mean.

We’ve had builders, body painters, toddlers, food artists, relationship artists, conversation artists. And oftentimes, one person embodies all of those and more!

Our residency program is closely braided in with our Open Hours Community Art Making Space.

There’s two core aspects to being a HoneyLa Resident Artist

  1. “Private” time in the making space
    • Private is in quotes because HoneyLa is also a home to Hannah and sometimes Ruby, and they will have access to the space, as well. Agreed-upon “private” time means it’s a time for focus and deep art play, not a time for events or an open-door atmosphere. You, as a resident artist, will get to feel creative control over the space–select the music, have any collaborators you might want to focus with, rearrange furniture, be as clothed as you prefer, etc.
  2. Hosting Open Hours
    • We custom-design the open hours to suit your preferences. Perhaps it’s one day a week for a few hours at a time. As the host, you are welcome to invent what being a host means. Do you want to provide snacks? Prompts? Free form? Are children welcome? Are there outdoor spaces set up for people?
    • If hosting open hours doesn’t quite suit your swag, you can still be a resident artist! Open hours is thought of as our “energy exchange” for having “private” access to the space. Perhaps you have another idea of how you’d like to contribute to the space!

Now for timing!  We are open to:

  1. Resident artists who have access to the space a regular day of the week
    • Ex: Monday morning/afternoon is your “private” studio time, and Monday evening you host open hours
  2. Resident artists who live in the space for a week, two weeks, or a month at a time
    • Ex: You live in the space for a week, and host one day of open hours, and put on a performance at the end of the week!

HoneyLa is excited to be flexible in accommodating the needs and desires of our community and Resident Artists. We are open to what the “energy exchange” between participants and the space can look like. We love when people are inspired to give generously and wholeheartedly in a way that nourishes themselves and those receiving. We love to care for and be cared for. We love to feel like we are receiving as much as we are giving, in differing and surprisingly delicious ways. HoneyLa will be open about our needs and what we’re able to give at the time of your residency, and we expect Resident Artists to be honest about what they are willing and excited to give, and what they are needing.

Interested in applying? Fill out this application and e-mail it to {} or bring it in to HoneyLa to get started!

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