Tend the Goose

HoneyLa is the goose that gives us many golden eggs: inspiration, camaraderie, art tools, jokes…

Seriously, she gives us so much. A creative sanctuary. A place that calls us to be our brilliant selves. Art materials, friendship, a destination for our creative projects, kids’ programs, family programs, yoga, a space to play with our friends. It’s all here. People have already given so much.

Ways to contribute to HoneyLa:

  •  Come by and play with us! Often people find out how they authentically want to contribute by being in the space. Check out our calendar on our home page to see when you might be interested in coming.
  • Join a crew! So far, we have:
    • Deep Clean (help us get sparkly clean and come to Housekeeping time from 9 am – noon on Wednesdays)
    • Sparkling Feed magazine & Heart Beets CD (contribute to our monthly publications…a different kind of sparkly!)
    • HoneyDrops crew (kiddo art facilitators)
    • Building crew! (HoneyLa could use all sorts of furniture)
    • (to join a crew, e-mail honeylapress@gmail.com)
  • Subscribe to contribute monthly via Patreon, for any amount you want. Specific amounts correspond to receive our different cool offerings!
  • Or, we welcome one-time donations!
    • For that awesome gesture of encouragement, go here

Thanks for your curiosity about getting involved! We think you’re pretty great, too!

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